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Vacuum Recovery Pressure Cleaning

Water reclaim system with the need to minimize the impact on the environment and comply with regulations West Coast Pressure Cleaning has adopted and implemented a proactive approach to minimize damage to the environment.

West Coast Pressure Cleaning has clean and capture facilities onboard and recycle capabilities where applicable.

With a powerful vacuum reclaim system onboard it is possible to prevent water runoff from the work area. This system helps with cleaning up spills, there is no need to create pools of wastewater or runoff into drains.

If cleaning hard surfaces with a surface cleaner it is possible to simultaneously capture the wastewater while cleaning, with a recovery rate of up to 98% leaving the surface virtually dry and ready to use.

To even further embrace the concept of 'environmentally friendly cleaning' West Coast Pressure Cleaning has an onboard mounted recycling system. The recycle system allows the operator to clean, capture and through a 3 stage filtering process reuse the cleaning water again.

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