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Solar Panel Cleaning

Thinking of cleaning your solar panels and you live in Geelong region you are in luck at West Coast Pressure Cleaning we only use 100% pure water when we provide roof solar panel cleaning services in Geelong

Why cleaning your solar panels is important?

Photovoltaic panels are constantly exposed to various types of weather and are thus a target for dirt, dust, industrial residues, atmospheric pollution, algae, moss, bird droppings, etc. The agents responsible for the deterioration of the surfaces also include the chemicals used during cleaning. These form an excellent attraction for dirt and accelerate the deterioration process, with negative repercussions on the appearance and, above all, the function of the structure. The presence of these elements on the panel’s surface prevents the sun’s rays from filtering onto the panel’s photovoltaic cells completely, reducing the solar performance and therefore efficiency.

Accumulated dirt residues reduce efficiency and may damage the material the panels are made from. Cleaning is, therefore, an indispensable part of the maintenance of these structures and the frequency of the cleaning depends on the geographic area and climate. Industrial areas may require more thorough maintenance than rural areas.

Servicing Geelong and all rural areas.

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  • Solar Panel Cleaning
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