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Wcpc_logoI spent some time researching the best equipment and methods for setting up a mobile barrel/tank  cleaning unit.

It was only after a trip to the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in the USA to view their barrel

cleaning systems and techniques that filled in the final few gaps for me.

On my return I turned the research into reality and created West Coast's first mobile barrel and tank cleaning system

  Some of the features of the system are:

  • With the mobile barrel/tank cleaning unit I come to you..
  • Before water is used in the cleaning process it is filtered, UV treated and treated to remove any residual odours.
  • Hot or cold water can be used in the cleaning process.
  • Hot or cold water is injected into the barrel/tank using the rotary impingement method i.e., the use of pressure and water flow through cleaning jets where the concentrated stream impacts the surface rotating in a precise repeatable 360-degree pattern ).
  • Barrels can be cleaned bung up in their racks.
  • The use of chemicals is optional and is injected along with the sanitised water into the barrel/tank at the point of injection. If chemicals are used in the cleaning process our preferred products are from Aird Innovations in Chemistry ( ) who have specialised products designed for the wine industry.
  • Barrel cleaning time is reduced and water usage is reduced.
  •    Wine Barrel Cleaning
  •    Inside The Wine Barrel
  •    Tank Cleaning

West Coast Pressure Cleaning can also clean and sanitise:

  • Small to medium tanks and totes
  • Cellar floors
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Hard surface cleaning
 West Coast Pressure Cleaning Have Invested In Speciality Wine Barrel & Tank Cleaning Equipment 

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